AI & Robotics Classroom Bundle (30 Ultimate Kits + 24 Add-ons kits + Consumables + Training)

AI and Robotics Lab

Includes: 30 Quarky Ultimate kits, 4 Mars Rover, 4 Humanoid, 4 Home IOT, 4 Robotic Arm, 4 Mecanum ,4 Quadruped ,consumables, sensors, spares, activity robotics arenas, portable battery chargers.

For Grades 3-12: Engage 30 students at a time per classroom pack. 30+ Hours of Interactive Online Course/Curriculum: Structured.

Comes with planned AI & Robotics educator resources, lecture slides, activity sheets, assessment guides, and learning management system.

Get PictoBlox premium features (AI, ML extensions for face recognition, image detection, self driving, speech recognition, etc.) for up to 100 students and 30 teachers